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Geopolitics of Europe’s Hydrogen Aspirations: Creating Sustainable Equilibrium or a Combustible Mix?

Discussions about hydrogen’s role in the transition to carbon-neutral economies and the EU’s Green Deal seldom include consideration of geopolitical aspects and/or national security imperatives. However, given the importance of energy as a factor in global and regional geopolitical trends and national security, hydrogen development will reshape not only energy relations between countries but will also alter the broader geopolitical picture.

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From Rome to Kyiv, Passing Through Moscow: Russian Strategic Narratives in the Italian Public Discourse on Ukraine

The current Italian government strongly supports Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself against Russia’s invasion. This support, mobilised under the leadership of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, is quite remarkable given the widespread perceptions of Russia and Ukraine that have been circulating in the Italian society. For years, the Italian public discourse has been influenced by the strategic narratives favourable to the Kremlin’s interests and damaging those of Ukraine.

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The Fear of Victory

Spurred on by the atrocities in Bucha, NATO allies have begun to shift from crisis management to a focus on the prosecution of war. Like the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH-17 in July 2014, the mass murders in suburban Kyiv and the evidence of far worse slaughter elsewhere have impelled allies to reassess their understanding of the gravity of the threat confronting Ukraine and the wider implications for Europe if it is not removed.

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Why Does Resilience Need a Telescope to Prevent Disinformation?

As the fog of war is always thick with lies and half-truths, it is useful not just for high-ranking decision-makers but also for regular citizens to maintain their practical sense of resilience against harmful disinformation. We must remain pragmatically calm in our everyday behaviour and see problems not just in terms of their immediate impact but also in relation to longer time frames and the variability of predictable consequences.

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