ICDS is the leading think-tank in Estonia specialising in foreign policy, security and defence issues. We aim to be the regional knowledge hub of first choice for the security and defence communities of Estonia, its allies and partners.

ICDS’ mission is to:

• Strengthen Estonia’s security and defence sector by identifying and analysing national security and defence challenges and proposing policy solutions;

• Sharpen strategic thinking in NATO and the EU on security issues that affect the Nordic-Baltic region by offering timely and high-quality analysis and policy recommendations;

• Contribute to enhancing Estonia’s intellectual role within NATO and the EU by developing forward-looking and innovative policy ideas and strategic solutions for the common European and transatlantic security and defence agenda;

• Raise public awareness and stimulate public debate on security, defence and foreign policy matters.

In pursuit of its mission, ICDS:

• Conducts research;

• Organises a major annual foreign policy event – the Lennart Meri Conference (LMC);

• Organises the Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD);

• Organises Estonian National Defence Courses;

• Publishes a monthly foreign affairs magazine Diplomaatia, and

• Conducts various outreach activities.


Sven Sakkov


Dmitri Teperik

Chief Executive


Tomas Jermalavicius

Head of Studies / Research Fellow

Tony Lawrence

Head of Defence Policy & Strategy Programme / Research Fellow

Kalev Stoicescu

Research Fellow

Ivo Juurvee

Head of Security & Resilience Programme / Research Fellow

Ramon Loik

Research Fellow

Martin Hurt

Research Fellow

Tõnis Idarand

Research Fellow

Kristi Luigelaht

Project Manager


Kristi Raik

Director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

James Sherr OBE

Senior Research Fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

Piret Kuusik

Junior Research Fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

Frank Jüris

Junior Research Fellow at the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

Sigrid Nuutre

Research Assistant at the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

András Rácz

Non-Resident Fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

Anna Tiido

Non-Resident Fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute


Roger N. Mcdermott

Non-Resident Research Fellow

Emmet Tuohy

Non-Resident Research Fellow

Mike Winnerstig

Non-Resident Research Fellow

Ben Hodges

Non-Resident Research Fellow

Christofer Berglund

Non-Resident Research Fellow


Madis Mikko

Director of ENDC / Director of Diplomaatia

Erkki Bahovski

Editor-in-Chief of Diplomaatia

Eeva Eek-Pajuste

Director of LMC

Maret Koplus

Event Coordinator

Piret Karus

Event Coordinator

Triin Oppi

Head of Communications

Arle Soeson

Event Coordinator


Epp Paalma

Office Manager

Silver Vainola

IT & Technical Support Manager


Chairman of the Board

Kristjan Prikk

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence

Members of the Board

Marko Mihkelson

Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee, Estonian Parliament

Peeter Kuimet

Security adviser to the President of the Republic of Estonia

Indrek Sirp

Director for National Security and Defence Coordination, Government Office of the Republic of Estonia

Dmitri Jegorov

Permanent Undersecretary, Ministry of Finance

Rainer Saks

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs