Strategic Communication

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From Rome to Kyiv, Passing Through Moscow: Russian Strategic Narratives in the Italian Public Discourse on Ukraine

The current Italian government strongly supports Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself against Russia’s invasion. This support, mobilised under the leadership of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, is quite remarkable given the widespread perceptions of Russia and Ukraine that have been circulating in the Italian society. For years, the Italian public discourse has been influenced by the strategic narratives favourable to the Kremlin’s interests and damaging those of Ukraine.

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Local Russian-language Journalism in the Baltics: Challenges and Perspectives for Building Resilient Communities of Media Professionals

The policy paper analysis explores a set of emerging human-driven vulnerabilities of the media landscapes in Estonia and Latvia to develop an evidence-based policy approach to increase the practical resilience and preparedness of Russian-language newsrooms and local journalists working in those areas and regions of high informational vulnerability.

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Dovilė Budrytė: All Is Well if Nobody Starts Asking for More Prestige than Others

The three small states on the shores of the Baltic Sea are not geopolitical heavyweights in the global arena but working together they manage to achieve their strategic goals. Though the Baltic three seem to be destined to remain close, some rifts and open dissatisfactions have appeared and might once more damage the currently warm relations, says Dr Dovilė Budrytė, a professor of political science at Georgia Gwinnett College (U.S.).

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Some Initial Lessons Identified for the West from Russia’s Action against Ukraine

The exact reasons for the build-up of Russian forces in and around Ukraine are known only to President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle, but it would be unwise to believe that there is no link between this show of force and the signals Moscow receives from Kyiv and Western capitals. Western nations should not be or appear to be deterred by Russian information operations and troop build-ups.

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