November 30, 2020

Ivo Juurvee in NATO StratCom COE Talks on Falsification of History

Russia’s attention to history – especially to WWII or what they call Great Patriotic War – has steadily grown since 1995 and has by now exceeded the Soviet era and is still growing, Dr Ivo Juurvee, ICDS Head of Security and Resilience Programme noted in a NATO StratCom COE webinar on the use of history as a tool of foreign influence by Russia and other actors.

Distortion of history has been used in Russian PSYOPS messaging during anti-NATO military exercises. In the long run such efforts abroad pose a threat but there is no silver bullet to deal with the problem – steady work in the field of education and research is required and the decision makers and public in NATO/EU has to be kept informed on new developments.

In the discussion, Juurvee was joined by Dr Kati Parppei, Academy Research Fellow and Docent (Russian History) at the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies of the University of Eastern Finland. The discussion was moderated by Olga Dragiļeva.

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