November 8, 2018

ICDS Contributes to Development of Cyber and Informational Resilience in Ukraine

ICDS team continues to realise the Estonian-Ukrainian development cooperation programme Resilient Ukraine 2018-2020, which supports the implementation of Ukraine’s decentralization reform through human capacity development for cyber and informational resilience at regional level of governance in East and South Ukraine.

The programme promotes Estonian experience in developing and implementing a comprehensive model for competencies related to strategic communication, cyber and information security. ICDS analytical research contributes to a better situational awareness by mapping main gaps, challenges and opportunities at regional level in cyber, communication and information security. Moreover, ICDS experts train Ukrainian beneficiaries on practical hands-on skills related to cyber security, strategic communication and psychological defence.


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Programme Resilient Ukraine 2018-2020 is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the development cooperation fund.