August 10, 2023

Mapping Media Literacy

Ardi Hallismaa/ Estonian Defence Forces

In 2022, the BCME in cooperation with the International Centre for Defence and Security (Estonia) and individual experts from Latvia and Lithuania carried out a research project titled “Media Literacy Sector Mapping in Estonia.” Similar mapping reports, which applied the same methodology but studied Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, and Ukraine, were produced in 2021.

The country reports focus on actors, audiences, and activities. Given the dynamics in developing the media literacy sphere, the research team focused on a set of country-specific recommendations in the following dimensions: cross-sectoral cooperation and networking; evaluation of media literacy activities; sustainability and funding; media involvement.

Based on the analysis conducted in Estonia in 2022, as well as in Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, and Ukraine in 2021, a policy brief titled “With Media Literacy Towards Cognitive Resilience” was produced. This policy brief highlights current developments in the field of media literacy and suggests developing media literacy infrastructure to increase cognitive resilience. It further outlines five prospects: media literacy as a matter of security and multi-field cooperation; media literacy in cognitive warfare – monitoring and alert system; media literacy actors as a collective cognitive immunity system; revising the role of the journalistic community; future-oriented media literacy – complexity and connectivity.

These publications are co-sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

You can download the PDF versions of the reports below:

More information on the project and links to the rest of the reports:

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