May 17, 2019

Dmitri Teperik at Conference in Lviv: Information Hygiene of Society Must Become an Integral Part of National Security

ICDS Chief Director Dmitri Teperik was invited to make a keynote speech at the international conference entitled “Digital communications in the post-truth era: realities and challenges”, held at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine on 16-17 May 2019.

In his speech, Dmitri Teperik presented his analytical view on several actual threats to cognitive resilience in digital era. He also discussed with the participants the most important psychological biases in human perceptions, which are used by geopolitical adversaries for information manipulations in digital media and on social networks.

“In order to confront effectively dangerous disinformation, it is crucial time for democratic societies to realise that the lack of communication and information hygiene affects negatively the state of national security of a country. This is a big challenge not only for state institutions, but also for civil society,” stressed Dmitri Teperik.

He also presented to the conference participants the running development cooperation program “Resistant Ukraine”, which is focusing on developing human capital to enhance communication and information resilience as well as and cyber security at the regional level in Ukraine.