Defence Industry & Markets

ICDS Research Fellows at eESTi in Defence

ICDS Research Fellows Eerik Marmei and Tomas Jermalavičius contributed, as panel moderators, to “eESTi in Defence—Event for European Science, Technology & Innovation“, which took place on November 29th-December 1st in Tallinn as part of Estonia‘s EU Presidency programme.

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Building Capacity for the EU Global Strategy

A degraded security situation, the Brexit referendum and the election of a US President at best indifferent to European security matters have led the Member States to search for new security and defence solutions and for new ways to demonstrate European cohesion.

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Moscow Promotes New Tsirkon Cruise Missile

Since Russia’s entry into the conflict in Syria in September 2015, the top brass and defense ministry have devoted increasingly more attention to the procurement of high-precision weapons systems. The Russian military has used various types of conventional cruise missiles during its operations in Syria, which has provided ample opportunity to combat test these systems.

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