November 7, 2018

Hacks, Leaks and Disruptions – Russian Cyber Strategies

ICDS contributes to the Chaillot Papers of the European Union Institute for the Strategic Studies (EUISS).

This Chaillot Paper traces the evolution of Russia’s coercive and diplomatic approaches in the cyber field, examines in detail the instances of cyberattacks that Russia is believed to have conducted in Europe, and explores how states and organisations (in particular the EU and NATO) are adapting to the growing number of cyber intrusions and operations orchestrated by Russia.

Chapter entitled “The early days of cyberattacks: the cases of Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine” was written by Piret Pernik, ICDS Research Fellow. This chapter traces the background to and evolution of Russia’s cyber operations against Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine in 2007-2017. Russia has for long employed traditional coercive tools and tactics in its dealings with neighbouring states – threats to cut off energy supplies, capturing political and business elites, co-opting organised crime, disseminating targeted disinformation and propaganda, and manipulating Russian-speaking minorities abroad. Moreover, in recent years Russia has begun to deploy coercive tools in the realm of cyberspace and launch low- and high-end cyberattacks and social media disinformation campaigns.


The Chaillot Paper is available for download on EUISS website:–-russian-cyber-strategies