Russian Military Development

Kalev Stoicescu on Vikerraadio: Secrecy About the Nuclear Explosion Close to Russia’s Severodvinsk

ICDS research fellow Kalev Stoicescu told radio Vikerraadio (Estonian Public Broadcasting, ERR) that the blast that occurred on 8 August, 2019, in the vicinity of Severodvinsk, and emitted (at least temporarily) radiation is clearly linked to a highly sensitive Russian military project/experiment, which explains the secrecy, i.e. scarce and rather contradictory explanations by Russian authorities (Ministry of Defence and Rosatom).

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Russian Military 2013 – Short-term Prognosis

The last forecast was written against the background of general instability in Russia that caused a degree of uncertainty regarding the developments in the Russian military. However, several trends and events that were deemed probable did materialise.

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Period of changes in the Russian military

Kaarel Kaas: Since the mid-1990s there have been numerous attempts to reform and modernize the Russian military. All these efforts remained on paper, faded, or resulted in minor reorganisations like merging or splitting different units, or in attempts to increase the number of professional servicemen. However, no substantial changes were ever made and the Russian military remained a smaller copy of the Soviet armed forces until the fall of 2008.

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