June 16, 2019

Sven Sakkov in NDC Policy Brief: Why the Baltics Matter. Defending NATO’s North-Eastern Border

„The likelihood of a NATO-Russia military conflict is low, yet it should not be ruled out as a possibility,“ Sven Sakkov, Director of ICDS argues in the NATO Defence Colleage Policy Brief, June 2019.

Sakkov proposes 8 policy options to tackle this situation and further strengthen the defence of NATO’s North-Eastern border:

  1. Deterrence: American forces should be deployed forward in the Baltic states.
  2. Maritime and air dimensions of NATO’s and America’s presence in and around the Baltic states – an American military presence does not necessarily need to be from the Army.
  3. The military mobility of NATO troops in Europe is far from optimal. This is an area where NATO is cooperating with the European Union.
  4. States need to work on the readiness levels of their spear-head forces.
  5. The US should provide a greater presence on the ground, compensating for their weakness in public messaging.
  6. The Baltic states need to increase their defence spending beyond the current level of 2 percent.
  7. All NATO members whose defence investments are below 2 percent should work to achieve this agreed-upon goal as soon as possible.
  8. Sweden and Finland need to be further integrated into NATO.

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