October 1, 2017

International Autumn School Resilience League 2017

Held in North-Eastern Estonia on October 1-6, 2017, international autumn school Resilience League 2017 was a traditional training event, the main purpose of which was to create common understanding and situational awareness between Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian experts for strengthening informational and psychological resilience.

International cooperation platform Resilience League is established to train young professionals and experts in practical skills and tools for promoting transatlantic security and defence agenda as well as strengthening national resilience against hybrid threats. Resilience League unites experts into professional network of contacts for developing and implementing innovative methods against hostile ideologies and harmful influence.
Autumn school Resilience League 2017 was attended by 55 young experts and practitioners representing Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as some local journalists, opinion leaders and specialists interested in related topics. The format included lectures and interactive seminars based on learning discussions and interactions with 17 experienced specialists and recognised practitioners from NATO, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine.
Featured among key-note speakers Dr Flemming Splidsboel Hansen from the Danish Institute for International Studies gave an excellent lesson on weaponisation of information and cognitive resilience. Other speakers addressed the participants with the following topics: specifics of Russian information warfare and Georgia’s defensive tactics, disinformation campaigns against NATO presence in Latvia and Lithuania, transformation of Russia’s propaganda, humour as communication instrument in informational confrontation, modern technologies in and available tools for a better cyber security, informational and psychological operations of the Russian Federation in internet etc.
As invited guest speaker, ICDS Head of Studies Tomas Jermalavicius spoke at a night owls’ session about suasion, counter-suasion and military power as a communication tool. ICDS Chief Executive Dmitri Teperik made a presentation on analysis of Russian-language public posts and profiles in social media in the Baltic states.
International autumn school Resilience League 2017 was jointly organised by the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS) and National Centre for Defence & Security Awareness (Estonia). The main supporters were Friedrich Ebert Foundation and NATO Public Diplomacy Division.
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