December 12, 2019

ICDS Roundtable on National Resilience in Ukraine

Ukrinform and ICDS organised a public roundtable discussion entitled “National Resilience: New Approaches to Solving Old Problems” on 12 December 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ukrainian and Estonian experts addressed the following topics:

  • new laws on function of media and disinformation: freedom of speech and national security,
  • narratives and messages: role of Russian-language TV-channel in enhancing national resilience,
  • Estonian experience: success cases of strengthening resilience and national security,
  • civil-military co-operation: new challenges during the withdrawal of troops,
  • social psychology: how to overcome the armed conflict and reintegrate the population of Donbas.

“We have been studying various aspects of national resilience for the past five years and came to the conclusion that, in addition to introducing a culture of having deep situational awareness, some attention should also be paid to the creation of proven standards for measuring societal resilience. It would provide a better understanding of changing or static characteristics of resilience and therefore would allow us to analyse them properly from security perspectives,” explained Dmitri Teperik, ICDS Chief Executive and Programme Director of “Resilient Ukraine“.

The roundtable was held in the framework of the development co-cooperation programme “Resilient Ukraine” which is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event in Kyiv was organized jointly with the Ukrainian national news agency Ukrinform.