September 21, 2017

The EU’s Energy Security Future Lies in Unity

In a wide-ranging interview on Polish radio station Wnet’s Poranka (Morning) program on September 19, non-resident research fellow Emmet Tuohy focused on the priorities of Estonian energy policy–especially as reflected during Estonia’s current presidency of the Council of the European Union–while also touching upon more general security issues.

Underscoring that Estonia does not “fear” Russia, but instead seeks to be prepared for any potential move from its eastern neighbor, Tuohy argued that the supply interruptions following the so-called Bronze Night incidents in 2007 reveal how Russian energy policy is not always conducted on a commercial basis, but often is used as a means of pursuing the Kremlin’s political objectives. As a current example, he cited Nord Stream 2, which does not contribute to the broader objective of diversifying the EU’s energy supplies–while minimizing the role played by transit countries such as Ukraine and even Poland, to the broader detriment of EU foreign policy objectives.
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