Science and Technology

China’s Digital Silk Road: Outlines and Implications for Europe

The Digital Silk Road (DSR) is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that encompasses infrastructure projects, trade and financial agreements, and cultural and defence cooperation with over 140 countries worldwide. Bringing the digital component into the BRI seamlessly advanced Beijing’s ambition of taking a leadership position in the technology sector.

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NATO’s Hypersonic Challenge

Russia is investing in the development of a variety of hypersonic delivery systems. These can travel to targets at five or more times the speed of sound, elude defences by evasive manoeuvring, and deliver munitions with great precision.

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Italy’s Successful Race to the North

Notwithstanding the geographical distance separating Italy from the Arctic, Italy has gained a relevant position in the Arctic debate, mainly thanks to its scientific efforts and investments in the region. Estonia, on the other end, is very much closer to the region, being surrounded by Arctic states, and is currently seeking to strengthen its involvement in Arctic matters.

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ICDS Research Fellow Joins Ares – Armament Industry European Research Group

ICDS Research Fellow and Head of Studies, Tomas Jermalavičius, has become a member of Ares (Armament Industry European Research) group – a new cross-border think-tank launched in early 2016 with the aim of encouraging fresh strategic thinking, developing innovative policy proposals and conducting studies for public and private stakeholders in the European defence industry and technology community.

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ICDS Participates in US-Led Missile Defence Wargame

On 1-5 February, Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation in Suffolk (Virginia, USA) hosted the wargame event of the missile defence experimentation campaign “Nimble Titan 2016”, which brought together policymakers and military practitioners from 22 nations to explore various aspects of employing global and regional integrated air and missile defence capabilities.

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