September 4, 2015

Nimble Titan 2016 Planning Phase Event

On 31 August – 4 September, ICDS Research Fellow Tomas Jermalavičius participated, as part of the Estonian team, in the planning phase event of the US-led missile defence experiment Nimble Titan 2016, which was hosted by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence and Dutch Applied Research Organisation (TNO) in Soesterberg, Netherlands.

Nimble Titan is a two-year global missile defense campaign of experimentation, organised by the US Strategic Command, which examines political and military operations and policy issues to potential scenarios involving ballistic and cruise missile threats 10 years in the future. Its participants come from more than 20 nations and several international organisations. Estonia joined the campaign in the 2012-2014 cycle and hosted, in April 2015, a planning workshop for Nimble Titan 2016. In Soesterberg, Tomas was part of the Wargame Control Group and contributed to the event as a third-party (Russia) player. His primary objective was to stimulate thinking of Nimble Titan participants about the influence of the third parties on the allied missile defence planning and decision-making and, vice versa, about possible consequences of global and regional missile defence policies, concepts, plans and actions to various third parties such as Russia.

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