January 22, 2016

ICDS Research Fellow Gives Lecture at the Baltic Defence College

On 22 January, ICDS Research Fellow Tomas Jermalavičius delivered a lecture to the members of the Higher Command Studies Course of the Baltic Defence College on technology and security.

The lecture covered such themes as the role of technology in national, regional and international security, key technologies which had a major impact on security during the 20th century, and security risks posed by various emerging and converging disruptive technologies. He discussed with the course members how potential deployment of lethal autonomous weapon systems, emerging fields of synthetic biology and human modification, big data revolution and other developments may affect our security and change the character of warfare in the decades ahead. The Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) is a strategic level course that educates senior military officers and civil servants, which is accredited by NATO Allied Command Transformation as a NATO course. HCSC 2016 has participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Georgia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.

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