Eastern Partnership

Pragmatic Approach Towards Russia – Option or Illusion?

The issue of developing and implementing national policy towards Russia has always been a pertinent subject for post-Soviet states as they have sought to ensure their own security. Governments have tried a number of different approaches, among which is the so-called “pragmatic approach.” Its most vivid embodiment is the policy of the current Georgian government with regards to Russia. Notably, it should be mentioned that almost all political forces that have come to power in Georgia have attempted to improve or at least normalize relations with Russia. However, each of these attempts was followed by disappointment.

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Defining Ukraine’s National Resilience in Light of Non-linear Threats: Where to Start?

What makes eastern Ukraine more resilient than expected and/or calculated by the aggressor, which has succeeded in annexing the Crimea and occupying a territory of some four million people,1 but was stopped from penetrating further? A non-violent civilian defence was one of the key factors in deterring the aggression. A bigger question is what is required to build a sustainable societal and national resilience, where society can become an effective player in providing security. We have been seeking the answers to these questions, as the security threats in Ukraine are similar to those in Estonia.

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