May 18, 2018

Spring school Resilience League 2018

International spring school Resilience League 2018 “A better situational awareness by digital tools of OSINT, InfoOps, Social Media, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics” was held in Tallinn 15-18 May 2018.

The training event addressed the topics of open source intelligence (OSINT), development of information and psychological operations, work with structured and unstructured data, relevant social media, predictive analytics, and other related subjects.

The format of the spring school Resilience League 2018 included lectures and interactive seminars, prepared by knowledgeable specialists and recognised practitioners from Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Ukraine and other countries. The event was attended by 40 participants from 10 countries.

International spring school Resilience League 2018 is a traditional training event organised in cooperation between the Estonian Cyber Defence League, International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS) and National Centre of Defence & Security Awareness (NCDSA) (Estonia).