May 8, 2018

Seminar on national resilience in Kyiv and report presentation “Resilient Ukraine”

In the framework of a large-scale development cooperation project, focused on introducing Estonian experience to representatives of security sector in eastern Ukraine, ICDS-led team conducted a comprehensive research aimed at delivering realistic policy recommendations on acknowledging civil society’s role in strengthening national resilience and security in Ukraine and enhancing co-operation between the state authorities and civil society in this field.

In co-operation with the Estonian Embassy in Kyiv, ICDS organised a seminar on national resilience on 8 May 2018. Estonian and Ukrainian experts presented main research findings and policy recommendations as well as discussed possible ways forward— towards a more resilient society that is facing ever-growing hybrid threats—with the Ukrainian officials, civil society stakeholders, international and local experts, as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps.



Download the full report

In English: A Route to National Resilience – Building Whole-of-Society Security in Ukraine (PDF)

In Ukrainian: Стійка Україна – Держава, громадянське суспільство та національна безпекa (PDF)