November 9, 2017

ICDS Presentation on Academic Conference Revisiting Cold War Covert Influence Activities

University of Southern Denmark and Polish Institute for National Remembrance held a conference “Need to Know VII: The Hidden Hand of Intelligence” on 9–10 November 2017 in Budapest. Dr. Juurvee from ICDS presented on Soviet “Active Measures” as we know them from the legacy of Vasily Mitrokhin.

It was already the seventh conference in annual “Need to Know” series that makes it one of the longest lasting public and academic conference series dedicated to intelligence and counterintelligence in Europe. This time practitioners and scientists from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonian, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, UK and US discussed for two days intelligence services’ role in influencing politics know as “covert action” in the West or “active measures” in the East.