Cyber Defence

So Far, Yet So Close: Japanese and Estonian Cybersecurity Policy Perspectives and Cooperation

Despite the geographical distance between them, Estonia and Japan share many similar security challenges, such as potential destabilisation in cyberspace due to geopolitical tensions and conflicts, the vulnerability of national digital infrastructure, and the impact of cyber-attacks on trust in open, democratic societies. Tackling such challenges requires close international cooperation and the exchange of national best practices and experiences.

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Military Cyber Defense Structures of NATO Members: An Overview

The aim of this report is to give an overview of the institutions and structures through which NATO member militaries handle cyber defense (CD); examples include cyber commands, military CERTs/CIRCs, special cyber units, and so on. As anticipated, open-source information on the development of military CD capabilities is scarce and relatively general in nature. Nevertheless, after a thorough review of existing public sources (which are listed by state in the appendix), we have been able to identify some tentative findings of interest, as found in the conclusions.

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