March 20, 2018

Seminar „Estonian Civil Protection Concept: The Way Ahead“ at ICDS

In February the Government of Estonia approved the civil protection concept, which will set out central activities to protect the well-being of people in cases of both civilian and military threats.

The new document emphasizes comprehensive approach and the importance of preparedness for crises. According to concept the whole society takes part in developing civil protection and its management is divided between two authorities: The Ministry of the Interior will coordinate the performance of activities related to emergencies and the Government Office will do the same for national defence crises.

On 20 March the conception was presented by Indrek Sirp (Director for Security and National Defence at the Government Office) and Priit Laaniste (Head of Rescue and Crisis Management Policy Department at the Ministry of the Interior). The discussion of the future of civil protection in Estonia under Chatham House rule was joined by Helen Allas (Training Development Specialist for Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation of the Defence League) and moderated by Ivo Juurvee (Head of Security & Resilience Programme / Research Fellow at ICDS).