August 16, 2019

Kalev Stoicescu in the Sõdur Magazine on the 20th Anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s Emergence to Power in Russia

ICDS Research Fellow Kalev Stoicescu wrote an extensive article to the magazine Sõdur (Soldier) on the 20th anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s emergence to power in Russia.

The author describes the conditions in Russia at that time (1990s), including the spoiling of relations between Russia and the West/US in 1999 that offered to the “collective Putin” the premises to build up an increasingly autocratic system which is in direct confrontation with the West.

Stoicescu analyses all subsequent “versions” of Putin (from 0.0 as Prime Minister to 5.0, his current presidential term in office).

Read the full article in Estonian to be published in the magazine Sõdur.