June 26, 2019

Ivo Juurvee to Delfi.ee: If There Are Spies in Estonia, You Can Count Them on One Hand

On June 26th, The Atlantic published an interview with Deniss Metsavas, a convicted traitor. Ivo Juurvee, a research fellow at the International Center for Defence and Security, commented on the possible motives of traitors and how they get caught to the Estonian news portal Delfi.ee.

“If we compare what we know about Estonia before the Second World War, then there were very few people with access to sensitive information, not more than you can count on one hand,” said Juurvee, commenting on how many people could be spying in Estonia. “I don’t think the number is bigger at the moment, rather just a few. At the same time, of course, the other part is working to recruit people. ”

Read Greete Palgi’s interview with Juurvee in full-length in Estonian at Delfi.ee (published June 29th) at https://www.delfi.ee/news/paevauudised/eesti/intervjuu-luureekspert-kui-eestis-on-praegu-spioone-mahuvad-nad-uhe-kae-sormedele?id=86683015

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