August 15, 2019

Erkki Bahovski to Danas: Finland is Taking Steps to Defend EU Unity and Values

“Ever since Finland joined the EU in 1995 it has always advocated the EU unity, because it helps Finland to withstand Russian pressure. So, it is very logical that Finland is taking these perhaps extremist steps to defend EU unity and values, because Hungary is clearly dismantling the EU unity and that, of course, is beneficial for Russia,” Erkki Bahovski, editor-in-chief of ICDS Diplomaatia magazine commented on the Hungarian-Finnish row to the Serbian daily newspaper Danas.

Bahovski reminded that Finland, the current Presidency of the Council of the EU, has threatened to link the breach of the rule of law with the accession to the EU funds and that proposal has angered Hungary.

“The situation is really bizarre, since those countries are both Fenno-Ugric countries and so far have had very good relations. Altogether, there are only three Fenno-Ugric nations with statehood on the planet (Estonia is the third one) and all of them belong to the EU,” Bahovski noted.

Read the full article in Serbian in Danas.