January 24, 2022

Dr Igor Gretskiy joined ICDS as Tallinn Scholarship Grant Holder

ICDS is delighted to announce that Dr Igor Gretskiy will be our second Tallinn Scholarship grant holder. Dr Gretskiy joined our team in Tallinn in January 2022 and will conduct research in Estonia until June.

Dr Igor Gretskiy brings with him a deep knowledge of Russia’s foreign policy towards Ukraine and Poland, and of political transformation in central and eastern Europe. He will also continue to serve as an Associate Professor at the School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

ICDS established the Tallinn Scholarship in autumn 2021. It offers a visiting position in our team to young or mid-career professionals interested in policy-oriented research related to the foreign and domestic policies of Russia and its neighbourhood.

The main goal of the Tallinn Scholarship is to develop cooperation between ICDS and research institutions in the CIS countries, Georgia, and Ukraine.

Alona Shestopalova, a German-based researcher from eastern Ukraine, was the first ICDS Tallinn Scholarship grant holder. She visited ICDS in autumn 2021 to research Russia’s soft power and purposeful influence activities in Estonia.

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