January 25, 2018

Clingendael Institute ‘State of the Union Conference 2018’

Robert A / Flickr

On 25 January, Tony Lawrence, Head of ICDS’ Defence Policy and Strategy Programme, spoke on the Future of European Defence Cooperation panel at the Clingendael Institute’s State of the Union Conference 2018.

The conference, a reflection by EU and national officials, opinion leaders and researchers on the future of the European Union was attended by more than 100 delegates and reflected on six key issues identified by the Institute as central to the EU’s future development: defence, trade, social Europe and European integration, the Monetary Fund, migration, and the prospects for 2018. Tony discussed the extent to which the recent EU defence initiatives can be considered game-changing in encouraging the Member States to work together on defence. His recent blog post for Clingendael on the same subject can be found here.