Nr 28 • Jaanuar 2006

Gas, Realpolitik and Insecurity

These days there are so significant changes underway – changes of historical importance – that Condoleezza Rice recently said in a speech that she sometimes felt that the ground beneath her feet was shaking. Clearly, she was referring to the Middle East and to Afghanistan. The stakes there are very high indeed. Furthermore, a new crisis is imminent – realistically speaking, how can the development of Iran’s nuclear potential be averted? It is impossible to repeat the 1981 adventure, when Israel simply bombed Iraq’s nuclear power station before its completion, destroying it in an air raid. The surprise factor is gone. Teheran is ready for such an attack.

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English summary

This issue of Diplomaatia is devoted to the problems of energy security, the main focuses being the planned new underwater gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, the recent “gas war” between Russia and Ukraine, and more generally the reliability of Russia as an energy exporter.

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