Nr 27 • Detsember 2005

On Occupation and Annexation; On State Succession and Continuity

Books by good Estonian lawyers are enjoyable even in English. This applies fully to Lauri Mälksoo’s book which recently became available in Estonian and in Russian courtesy of the Estonian Ministry of Justice, the Kistler-Ritso Foundation and Tartu University Press. This is most welcome, especially in view of the fact that in addition to being written in a foreign language, the book had been rather inaccessible due to its hefty price (133 euros), as befits a publication of a major science publisher.

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English summary

This issue of Diplomaatia looks back on the year 2005. Dag Hartelius, the ambassador of Sweden in Estonia calls it “the year when nature set the global agenda.” He recalls that “we entered 2005 discovering the enormous human tragedy following the tsunami in Southeast Asia. (—) Only one week into the New Year even our own part of Europe was hit by one of the strongest and most devastating storms in modern history. Estonia, Latvia and Sweden were significantly affected by major flooding, electricity cuts and fallen trees. (—) The terrible disaster in New Orleans and other coastal areas in Louisiana and Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in late August sent shock waves through America and gave the concept of Homeland security a new dimension.” In addition, an earthquake shook Pakistan and Kashmir and the bird flu threatens to become a global pandemic.

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