Nr 20 • Mai 2005

George Kennan’s Estonian Ties

Many Estonians grieved when George F. Kennan died on March 17th. Some did so because they recalled that Ambassador Kennan had laid the foundations for the containment doctrine that defined America’s approach in the Cold War and ultimately made possible the collapse of communism and the recovery of Baltic independence.

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Moscow and Rome: Will the Big Chill End?

“Otche nash, sushchiy na nebesah, da svyatitsya imya tvoye”¦” – the text is unmistakably a Russian rendition of the “Our Father”, but it sounds strangely modern and somewhat mundane to a Russian ear. Fr Sergei Timashev is celebrating Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in the centre of Moscow, the main Roman Catholic church in the Russian capital. Less than a mile away, in St John the Baptist Church, Orthodox believers still recite the “Our Father” in Old Church Slavonic, basically a medieval language, which is still used in Orthodox services, although it is difficult to understand for Russians with no religious education.

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