Nr 16 • Jaanuar 2005

What Will a New Ukraine Be Like?

“Ukraine is too big, too poor and too Soviet to integrate with Europe” – this was a widely held view among EU mainstream politicians. It is time to replace this gloomy paradigm with a positive one.

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What Democracy Assistance Is and Is Not

For most people living in the free world, the events unfolding in Ukraine over the last month have both surprised and inspired. Ukrainian democrats have stood together in the freezing cold to demand from their government what we citizens of democracies take for granted – a free and fair election. The strength of their conviction, the power of their peaceful methods, and the extent of their mobilization can only invoke glee for anyone who values democracy.

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English Summary

This issue of Diplomacy focuses on the aftermath of the Orange revolution in Ukraine. “Viktor Yushchenko is the new President of a new Ukraine,” sates Grygoriy Nemyria, the director of the Centre for European and International Studies in Kiev. “Ukrainians rein-vented themselves as a nation and Ukrainian society rediscovered it self as a civil society.” He argues that now it’s also time for the European Union to reconsider its strategy towards Ukraine, the possible changes range from basically retaining the status quo to serious strategic changes.

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