Central & Eastern Europe

The Martian View of Europe, liberalism, Hungary

If the Martians had a university where there was a department of European studies, they would be scratching their heads in a thoroughly perplexed fashion. Here is Europe facing its most serious crisis in a hundred years, Covid-19, one that is transforming society, the economy and much else, yet in the midst of it, the Hungary issue erupts yet again as a major source of political argument.

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Kalev Stoicescu in The Baltic Times: Russia’s Ambitions in the Baltic Region

“Judging by the Kremlin’s deeds (not its different rhetoric and narratives), Russia does not wish to accept anything less on its western and south western peripheries (the Baltic and Black Sea theatres) than clear military dominance,” Kalev Stoicescu, Research Fellow at the International Centre for Defence and Security, writes in his commentary in The Baltic Times 2019 Summer Magazine.

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