May 23, 2019

Sakkov to Daily Beast: It’s Straight Out of the Trump Playbook

“It’s straight out of the Trump playbook,” commented Sven Sakkov, director of the International Centre for Defense and Security Tallinn to Kimberly Dozier, the Daily Beast, the rise and acting of Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) at the annual Lennart Meri Conference that also had a panel discussion on the siren calls of populism.

“Every day, you say something outrageous so the media is chasing… You dominate the political landscape. No other issues are on the front pages anymore,” he added.

Sakkov argued that EKRE has adopted Trump’s hyperaggressive tactics, furiously rejecting any and all criticism. “Copying Trump, they want to be in power, but rhetorically, they slam the ‘Deep State,’” said Sakkov, adding that they constantly express their “suspicion of the courts, law enforcement and the intelligence services.”


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