February 3, 2016

RAND Seminar: Measures Short of War

On 1-3 February 2016, Dr. Pauli Järvenpää, Senior Resercher at ICDS, delivered panel remarks at a symposium in Cambridge, UK, sponsored by RAND Corporation and RAND Europe on “Russia, European Security and ’Measures Short of War’. The symposium was a non-attribution, by invitation only, event to bring together senior practitioners and scholars to examine nontraditional security challenges to Europe.

The Symposium focused in particular on illuminating current and potential future challenges that Russia may pose to European security through “measures short of war“, which may be employed as precursors or alternatives to frontal military action against individual states or collective regional stability. Such measures include a wide range of military, political, economic, information and intelligence actions that a state make to further its interests without crossing the threshold into conventional war. These measures can be employed to undermine, subvert, influence, destabilize societies, as well as to coerce, or replace sovereign governments. The measures may also be used widely to disrupt or alter the existing regional order.
Ambassador Järvenpää made his remarks on “Deterrence and Defense in Northern Europe“.

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