September 30, 2016

Presentation of the Book “Hybrid Warfare à La Russe” at the ICDS

On Friday, 30 September 2016, the book “Hybrid Warfare à la Russe” by Yuriy Fedorov was presented at the International Centre for Defence and Security. The book was published by the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CACDS, Kyiv, Ukraine) in 2016. This 160-page publication written by Dr. Yury Fedorov is dealing with three main issues: (1) Russia’s aggression against Ukraine; (2) Russia and extreme right, ultra nationalist and extremist organizations in Europe; (3) Russia’s propaganda in Europe.

The book addresses the following topics:
• Historical myths as a driver of the Russian aggression
• Ukraine in the Putin’s “grand strategy”
• Russia’s strategy of the “hybrid war” in Ukraine
• The nature and the structure of Russia’s hybrid force
• Russian aggression in Ukraine and Kremlin relations with ultra-right parties and organizations in Europe
• Role of the Foreign Intelligence Service
• Russian financing of the European extreme-right and neo-fascist organizations
• Russian frontline organizations and figures working with the European ultra-conservative and neo-fascists groups
• Russia’s propaganda in Europe
• An outlook of the Russian foreign propaganda machine
• Basic arguments of the Russian propaganda in Europe
• Russia’s friends in Europe
After the presentation, Ukrainian colleagues from the CACDS answered several questions and also shared some fresh thoughts on the Ukrainian experience in the hybrid military conflict with Russia and new developments in the situation on Donbass and Crimea.