November 4, 2020

New Project: Nordic-Baltic Connectivity with Asia via the Arctic


The Estonian Foreign Policy Institute (EFPI) at the ICDS together with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Finnish Institute of International Affairs will explore in a new project the risks and opportunities involved in increased connectivity and interdependence between the Nordic and Baltic countries and Asia via the Arctic region.

“We will be looking especially at the potential connectivity projects in different sectors and the related security risks,” director of the EFPI and project leader Kristi Raik explains.

The Arctic region is of increasing strategic importance for the Nordic and Baltic countries as it connects Northern Europe with Asia. It is also an area of great power competition, involving Russia, the US, and the growing role of China.

The topic is highly timely, as the Nordic-Baltic cooperation (NB8), chaired by Estonia in 2020, has made connectivity, including regional energy and transport projects, a key priority. Finland will take over the chair of NB8 in 2021.

The project “Nordic-Baltic connectivity with Asia via the Arctic” involves experts from the Nordic and Baltic countries and Japan with knowledge of the Arctic region and the interests of Russia, China, the US, EU, Japan, and the Nordic-Baltic region.

The project consists of several seminars/webinars and workshops and will result with an edited report in spring 2021 including articles on different aspects of Nordic-Baltic connectivity with Asia and the role of the Arctic region.

The first seminar/webinar with the focus on the interests of China and Russia in the Arctic region will take place on 10 November 2020, with Marc Lanteigne (associate professor, Arctic University of Norway), Pavel K. Baev (research professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo), Aki Tonami (associate professor, University of Tsukuba) and Frank Jüris (junior research fellow, EFPI at ICDS) as speakers.

The event is by invitation only. In case you are interest in participating in the seminar, please send an email to efpi[at] for further information.

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