November 22, 2016

NATO Warsaw Summit – Implications for Estonia

Focusing on the evolution of the security landscape of the Baltic Sea Region, Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) published a book – “The Baltic Sea Region: Hard and Soft Security Reconsidered” (Ed. By Māris Andžāns, Ilvija Bruģe). It provides a collection of opinions assessing the current situation in the region both in the military as well as non-military fields.

ICDS Research Fellow Henrik Praks contributed a chapter for the book’s section “Aftermath of the NATO Warsaw Summit – effects on the security of the Baltic Sea Region”, which contains views from various countries in the region. In his essay he writes about the effects of the summit on Estonia’s security, in particular in the context of the practical decisions made in Warsaw on specific steps to enhance NATO’s deterrence and defence posture on its eastern flank. He further highlights the need for additional actions necessary to ensure the credibility of this posture and in NATO’s political and military deterrence messaging.

The publication can be accessed on the LIIA website.