November 17, 2020

Narratives on the Nordic-Baltic Countries Promoted by Russia

ICDS head of security and resilience programme / research fellow Ivo Juurvee and Diana Marnot analysed narratives on the Nordic-Baltic countries promoted by Russia in a chapter in NATO StratCom CoE recent report that looks at Russia’s footprint in the Nordic-Baltic information environment.

A study done in 2016 on narratives officially promoted by the Russian Federation through Kremlin-funded media Sputnik, RT (formerly Russia Today), and Pervyi kanal, provided nuanced insight into the agenda regarding the Nordic-Baltic countries (NB8), which the Kremlin was trying to promote internationally.

The chapter by Juurvee and Marnot compares the narratives identified in a new study in 2018 with those identified in 2016, highlighting trends and new developments.

Juurvee and Marnot present and analyse sets of narratives. Several new narratives appeared in 2018, namely NATO’s military build-up in Europe undermines regional stability; liberal gender policy; extreme human rights and liberalism; and NATO is incompetent and destabilising.

Read more about the report and download it here.

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