August 18, 2019

Kalev Stoicescu in Postimees: Estonia’s Image is Its Main Asset and Bond with Its Allies and Partners

Estonia won its bid at the UN for a non-permanent place in the Security Council from 2020 to 2021, in July 2019, mainly due to the positive image of the country in the world, which proved to be decisive, ICDS research fellow Kalev Stoicescu wrote in the Estonian daily Postimees.

Stoicescu recalled how long and difficult was the path to build Estonia’s good reputation and raise awareness about its success – for example, the long years it took until international media channels ceased to label Estonia a “former Soviet Republic”. He added that a small country like Estonia cannot allow policies and statements/rhetoric that would ruin its image and severe its ties with Allies and partners.

Read the full opinion article in Estonian in Postimees.