November 24, 2014

ICDS Hosts Hybrid Warfare Discussion

On November 24, 2014 ICDS hosted a discussion focused on the intersection of conventional and non-conventional, hybrid, warfare and information operations. Bringing together a panel of distinguished experts, the topics discussed were a wide-ranging, comprehensive look at Russian actions in Ukraine, their historical context, and potential for more escalatory moves from the Kremlin.

Each speaker examined a different facet of the geopolitical state of affairs through the lens of their own expertise and career. Edward Lucas, a Senior Editor of The Economist spoke in the historical, global context about Russian actions in a modern society. To gain more insight into the motivations of the current Russian administration, Dr. Andrei Piontovsky (Hudson Institute, Strategic Studies Center Moscow) assessed the interplay between Putin’s domestic and foreign policies while Dr. Ulrik Franke from the Swedish Defense Research Agency provided insight into current Russian political doctrine concerning information operations. Dr. David Betz, a reader in the War Studies Department at King’s College London took a step back to analyze how Moscow’s actions align with traditional war theory. And finally, Colonel Aivar Jaeski brought empirical data from the NATO Strategic Communication Center of Excellence on the exact unconventional tactics Russia has been employing in its ongoing war in Ukraine.
The event brought together a number of ambassadors, senior prominent government officials and academics and scholars with the aim of stimulating an even more robust conversation around Russian posturing in Eastern Europe. ICDS looks forward to putting on more events of this caliber.

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