March 1, 2023

ICDS Hosted a Meeting with a Delegation from the Bundestag


On 22 February, the ICDS hosted a delegation from Germany led by Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Deputy Leader for International Affairs of the liberal group (FDP) in the German Bundestag.

Director Indrek Kannik chaired the meeting that focused on a wide range of issues pertaining to foreign and defence policy, as well as German-Baltic cooperation and risks associated with China.

Of particular concern were the frontline developments in Ukraine, as well as the implications of Russia’s war not only on the region but also on wider Europe and beyond. In this context, not only Russia’s attempts at nuclear blackmail against the West are worthy of our attention, but also disinformation flows facilitated by propaganda-laden media outlets that Russia has been cultivating on both domestic and international levels.

Director Kannik further talked to the German guests about the peculiarities of the regime in the Kremlin, cautioning that the deeply ingrained political mindset in Russia that might survive even without Putin.

He emphasised that the longer the war lasts, the greater the risk of political, economic, and societal fatigue.

In conclusion, the German delegation was briefed on the ICDS’ upcoming events and conferences, as well as the think tank’s latest research, future plans, and opportunities for developing cooperation.


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