December 6, 2022

Estonia’s Conscription System and Takeaways for Georgia

Today, Tato Kvamladze, a research fellow at the ICDS and public servant of the Georgian Ministry of Defence, presented his policy paper and key findings on what Georgia can and should learn from Estonia’s conscription service.

“I have finished my research at the ICDS and am pleased to present my policy paper that learns from the Estonian experience—Estonia’s national defence system and framework, including conscription, reserve, and alternative service, as well as education programmes and patriotic youth organisations. Based on this analysis, I have elaborated a series of policy recommendations for the Georgian government that will help the country modernise and improve its current compulsory military service.

I am very grateful to the ICDS and its Tallinn Scholarship for their generous financial support thar made this research possible and to everyone who contributed to my work.”

Tato Kvamladze was a visiting research fellow at the ICDS from August to December 2022. Throughout his work, he conducted a series of interviews with multiple senior officials from the Estonian Defence Forces and Ministry of Defence. Tato Kvamladze was mentored by Kalev Stoicescu, a research fellow at the ICDS.

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