February 20, 2020

Diplomaatia Is Changing

Diplomaatia is undergoing some changes. We will be able to notify our readers in the autumn when, in what format and how often our journal will be published in 2021. This year, Diplomaatia will have six issues instead of the usual ten. We’ll be sure to tell you of all changes in advance.

In the meantime, I hope our readers will start following us online at www.diplomaatia.ee (or www.icds.ee for the English version), where you’ll soon find analyses of topical issues and commentaries in addition to the content we also publish in our print format.

There’s no doubt that spreading foreign- and defence-policy thought in Estonia and Estonian is very necessary. At the same time, we mustn’t forget our English-speaking readers, who have been following us online for years. Thus, it is also crucial to get Estonian foreign- and defence-policy thinking out into the world. Publishing Diplomaatia online and on social media facilitates this task. Key turning points in foreign and defence policy happen over time, but the ways in which these developments are covered change very rapidly.

We take this opportunity to thank all our Estonian- and English-speaking readers who have followed us for many years. There would be no Diplomaatia without you. We hope to meet again soon on our pages!


This article was published in ICDS Diplomaatia magazine.

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