May 25, 2022

Delegation of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies of Czechia Visited ICDS

On 25 May, the delegation of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies of Czech Republic visited the ICDS to discuss Russia’s war in Ukraine, regional security, and China’s growing influence in Europe.

The ICDS was delighted to host the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Marek Ženíšek, Vice-Chair of the Committee Jaroslava Pokorná-Jermanová and members of the Committee Marek Benda and Vladimír Balaš. The delegation was accompanied by the Czech Ambassador in Estonia H.E David Král.

The ICDS researchers elaborated on Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and its implications for the West, highlighting the diametrical differences in how Russia and the West see what possible and desirable outcomes of this war are, and how Russia’s final objectives have expanded to include restructuring and realignment of the global order.

China’s influence in Europe is growing and there’s plenty of evidence of it in the economic environment: China’s government-affiliated investments in technology, cybersecurity and the rare-earth assets and critical infrastructure. China’s political warfare campaigns and targeting of the local elites was also noted, as well as the prospects for security and resilience of Western supply chains in critical sectors.

Social cohesion in the Estonian society with regards to the Russian-speaking population was another topic discussed during the meeting, along with the impact of mis- and disinformation, deficiencies in strategic communication of the governments, and insufficient media literacy in the societies of the Baltic region.

The ICDS always looks for collaborative research opportunities with think-tanks and research organisations abroad. ICDS representatives highlighted excellent cooperation and working relations with the Prague Institute of International Relations and Sinopsis think-tank in the Czech Republic.

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