May 6, 2016

Cyber Threats – Current and Future Trends

On 6 April ICDS held a seminar on the current and future cyber threats landscape. Giampiero Nanni, representing cyber security company Symantec, gave an overview of Symantec’s recent threat report. Hannes Krause, a Lead Analyst in the Cyber Security Branch of the Estonian Information System Authority, spoke about the Estonian cyber threats landscape highlighting similarities and differences with the global trends. Some notable cyber incidents and attacks were examined in more detailed, including the cyberattacks against Ukrainian electric grids in December 2015 that left over 200 000 customers in without electricity.

The discussion was moderated by ICDS Research Fellow Piret Pernik. The event gathered a lively and interactive audience consisting of cybersecurity professionals, students and policy makers as well as members of the local diplomatic community. The Symantec threat report is downloadable at

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