June 5, 2024

Tallinn Digital Summit team joins ICDS

The International Centre for Defence and Security is pleased to announce that according to the contract signed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the ICDS, we will be organising the Tallinn Digital Summit for the next three years. This year’s event is scheduled for 19-20 November 2024.

Tallinn Digital Summit is a high-level event that brings together decision-makers, tech innovators, and industry experts from the most digitally advanced countries,” says Indrek Kannik, director of the ICDS. “For the ICDS, it is important to connect technological innovation and our experience in the fields of defence and security.”

“This year’s summit will address the critical intersection of technology and security, democratic values and resilience,” says Risto Hansen, director of the Tallinn Digital Summit. “We will explore how to enhance the benefits that our democratic values allow us to reap in the face of growing challenges around the world.”

Tallinn Digital Summit is an annual event hosted by the Prime Minister of Estonia and supported by The Government Office, Ministry of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information, see: www.digitalsummit.ee

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