Cyber Threats and Their Consequences: The Examples of Georgia and Ukraine

On Monday November 6 2017, the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS) and Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership (ECEAP) hosted a public discussion entitled “Cyber Threats and Their Consequences: The Examples of Georgia and Ukraine” with Scott Borg, Director and Chief Economist, U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, a research institution that investigates the strategic and economic consequences of cyberattacks.

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Russia’s Electronic Warfare Capabilities to 2025: Challenging NATO in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

“ICDS’s study could not be more timely. This is a professional work that catalogues the seriousness of the threat without being unduly alarmist. It is fact based, from the detailed descriptions of Russian equipment and investment; through Moscow’s development of organisation and command structure; to accounts of training, tactics and operations. There is also a great discussion of Russian doctrine and how Russian electronic warfare fits into broader questions of cyber and psychological operations and how that convergence will further challenge NATO’s concepts and practices. I highly recommend this important work as the departure point for the Alliance rethinking and reshaping its response to a growing danger. ”
Gen. (ret.) Michael Hayden, former Director of the US National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency

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