Nr 58/59 • Juuni/juuli 2008

The Tibetan Effect

When we fight for Tibet, we are also fighting for the Uigurs in China, the Karens in Burma and the Finno-Ugrians in Russia – just like 20 years ago, when most of the world saw the Baltic states as a symbol of the struggle for the independence of all the Soviet nations.

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The Controversial Unity of Europe

If Western countries have diametrically opposed views on a certain matter and if they cannot use empty words of compromise to overcome their differences, decisions that would change the status quo seem to be almost unattainable.

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English Summary

The June issue of Diplomaatia focuses on the events of the Singing Revolution, which took place 20 years ago. In addition, this issue assesses the current situation of oppressed nations and attempts to broadly summarise the progress democracy has made during the last 20 years.

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