Nr 47 • August 2007

The First Lady of the Baltic “Memory Offensive”

The politics of history pursued by Vaira Vīā·e-Freiberga is not another manifestation of a pathology unique to Eastern Europe, but a phenomenon typical of the current stage of the post-colonial identity construction process of the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe as a whole.

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English summary

This issue of Diplomaatia is devoted to Latvia. Jaak Jõerüüt, Estonia’s Ambassador in Riga writes in his opening article that “The Estonian state will be much stronger, more secure and sure of itself when located next to an independent, rich, strong and secure Latvia. Geopolitical realities have destined us to together follow the paths of history and trouble will befall us if we cannot do it properly and patiently, keeping in mind our mutual interests and common good!”

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